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Originally Posted by TxsRiverRat View Post
From what I could tell (and remember), you're LFF...


1. You pull out significantly wider on the port side of the boat. this makes u narrowER on that side, which in the long run will always put you in 'catch up mode' if you were in a course

2. your wake crossings, your ski is still headed in the same direction of the boat... It needs to be cross course, not down course

3. i agree with the previous opinion that you're pulling towards the other side, letting off and losing your angle, then pulling again once you get to the other side... it's ONE motion behind the boat, and you have to commit to the position way before that

I will say, you have made a bit of improvement, keep it up and post more vids as you progress
#2 is clearly evident to me in the video....however, it was NOT apparent to me in real time. I guess because I still have SO much anxiety about that wake. I also think that while skiing... I've misinterpreted rope tension into being on my edge. And it's a real good validation for having someone video you so you can actually see what you're doing. I truly felt that I was on more of an edge that I actually was AND I felt like I was hauling butt at 28 mph.

Your description of being cross course, not down course is really going to stick with me on my next ski session. For some reason, that has made perfect sense and now I just have to suck it up, commit to it and do it!

Any wisdom on why my ski is still bouncing so bad at times? It's like it gets started and then will not stop even if I say to myself, step onto your front foot more. I do not think it's all water conditions.

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