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The actual deck height is actually more like 10 off the grade however, with roughly 4 foot of post going in the ground and another 4' above the decking to act as support for the railing, the 20 foot posts come into play. The end of the deck will be two 2x10's sandwiched to act as the beam with the inner one notched into the 6x6 post. The 2x10 joists will hang from the ledger board and extend out 14' to hang from the beam on the largest portion of the deck (14'x22').

As for the railing, I have not yet decided what I am going to use however I do know that in place of balusters I will be running stainless cable horizantally in the proper spacing as not to impede the view from inside. I am thinking the top railing will be something simple and flat that can easily support a wide based drink (frosted beer mug!)
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