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Smile Practice, practice, practice....4th Session Trying to Learn

Okay, so it was back up on the ski this weekend, trying to digest ALL of your helpful critiques. Things I tried to focus on:

1) shortened the rope to 15' off. At first it felt like I was trying to ski in a washing machine when I was pulling up.
2) tried to think about flexing at the ankle and placing more weight on my front foot. I thought I manage to get this done. But, after watching the video I see that my front binding is STILL up out of the water.
3) late in the ride, I remember that ya'll said to look at the tow pole instead of off into the distance and I think that helped me crossing the wake more than anything.

The aspect that shocked me the most when I viewed the video was on the felt like I was really getting on my edge at times and that I was flying through the wake. However, upon viewing the video...that's not what I saw. As I'm watching, I'm thinking to myself, "Why do I find this doesn't look intimidating". It just felt SO much FASTER in real life.

I placed my comments in the video to try to describe what I was feeling at that moment. I appreciate any feedback you can provide. It has been tremendous help trying to implement it. I'm most comfortable on traveling on the port side but uncomfortable getting on my edge from that side, heading to the starboard side. Not sure if it shows in the video but I'm ALWAYS uncomfortable on the starboard side (I call this my toe side). I always high tail it out of there if things get shaky. Funny thing is, in the video, I think I look in better form on that side (IMO).

Okay--ya'll have at it!!!!!

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