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Originally Posted by jkski View Post
After what seems like 40 days/nights of rain we are catching a bit of a break so I ordered the materials for the deck.....the pile looks so much smaller than I thought it would but then again I am comparing it to the pile we had for the actual house construction.
So, I locked in the ledger board and hung the joist hangers on the house and tonight I will likely drill the post holes and figure out exactly how I am going to lift a 20' long 6x6 so as to set it...should be fun. I would use the skidder but I lent it to my brother-in-law for a bit (worst case scenario I will go and get it to put posts in and then return it to him)

I will post up progress pics as I move thru the project but for now I have a pile of lumber.
Get the Amish- they'll have it up in a day.

You could take some scrap 2x and make a frame that goes around the post at about 3/4 of the length- this would be clamping on the post, screwed together so the post doesn't have to be screwed into. Attach a long 2x4 on two sides (like you would when stabilizing a framed wall) and use the 2x4s to push it up once the bottom is next to the hole. Plumb it and nail it to stakes to keep it from moving.

Or, you could use the time-tested 'sky crane'.
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