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The lake was pretty choppy. In fact, we had a couple of times today where we were either stopped or were idling in some of the rougher water, had most of the weight in the front of the boat, and took a couple of waves over the bow.

Since our girls (13 and 11) are just getting used to being behind the boat, all we did was tube (gasp). I need to find a set of skis with small bindings for them to learn on and a wakeboard as well, but we will probably wait until the off season to pick some up on sale and will likely just spend the rest of this season tubing with them.

The Southwest corner of the lake, near the dam is the calmest part of the lake and you could find some water there to wakeboard or ski if the traffic isn't too bad, even on the weekend. The main body of the lake is pretty wide and the wind keeps everything pretty stirred up from the traffic.

We live close enough to the lake that we will be able to run down in the late afternoon and early evening through the week, so we will probably try to avoid the weekends as much as possible.

This was our first chance to take the boat out down here, so we didn't want to pass it up. I felt like it did a decent job of handling the chop, but I'm looking forward to getting out on the lake through the week when no one is around.
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