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Originally Posted by 1979mastercraftpboyedition View Post
What is this back flow connector? I am having a similar problem on a '79 and I am not sure what this is...I checked the entire fuel delivery and all appears to be normal and functioning but I am not getting sufficient fuel flow to the carb.
There may be a check valve on a 90 degree elbow coming out the top of the fuel cell where the fuel line is connected. If it's there, you can replace it with an open connector. That is what I think he is referring to a back flow connector. Commonly referred to as an anti-siphoning valve.

If you see the need to pull the fuel cell forward (or out of the compartment), the fuel filler hose is hardened and a b!tch to get off. Save yourself time and grief.... cut it off and remove the cell. Order a new one from I promise it's worth the cost of a new hose just not to have to struggle with the old hose.

While you're there, I'd replace the old fuel hose with new all the way to the fuel pump. Again, cut the old hose off the barbed fittings.

Also with the cell out, check the hose clamp connections on the mufflers and the exhaust ports, grease the rudder zirk and the steering cable zirk if it has one, and remove the ground wire at the filler port. Run a new ground for the sending unit to a place forward away from the filler point of contact.

Also a good time to put in new ventilation hose (inexpensive) where it comes from the blower to the vent ports.

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