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Originally Posted by BrushyCreekXS View Post
Guys, mixed success unfortunately. Electrically everything seems fine. I am getting power to the pump module; I replaced the pump with the 2044, and I also replaced the filter. Reassembled and have fuel pressure. Couple of downsides, I am measuring 70 psi at the fuel rail. The fuel pressure test gauge is new; $45 at autozone. I get 70 at prime then back to zero after a couple of seconds. It is 70 when idling and 70 if I engage the throttle and accelerate. However I did not want to run it anymore in case 70 psi was going to cause any issue to the system. The other anomaly that is not good is that after it sits for a few minutes, I have to prime the system with key on about 3 times to get the pressure back up to start. It again goes to 70 psi.

This was harsh. Hoped to be back out on the water. Have y'all seen anything like this?

Look at the regulator on the pump- it's the original one, right? Does the pressure drop at all while the engine is running? Also, make sure to use the purge valve on the pressure gauge- it removes air from the line/gauge. While it's connected, take a fuel sample- it will give you the sample AND purge the tester. Look for another one at the fuel rail- post some photos of the fuel rail, Shrader valve and anything else that seems like it may be pertinent.
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