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Originally Posted by 93Prostar190 View Post
Nice boat! How come we have not seen this boat at Buckeye Bash?
@93Prostar190: Thank you. I'm relatively new to the state so unfortunately I have not made it to the Buckeye Bash. I purchased my PS205 in Utah in '07 from its original owner and brought it with me when I relocated. If anyone at the upcoming Buckeye Bash is in the market for a 205, please send them my way

Originally Posted by Double D View Post
Because he is a Newb and only came on here to sell it. Its sad really, so many MC owners know nothing of this great forum and therefore miss so much fun....
@DoubleD: Although my profile was just created, I've frequented the forum over the years as a "Guest" to pick up tips on care and maintenance and other helpful advice. This forum is a wealth of information. Please accept my apologies for remaining a Guest-user for so long and not participating in the discussion. I meant no offense to the forum regulars who have made this board what it is.

Originally Posted by jakethebt View Post
I know exactly where that pic was taken, but have never seen that boat.
@jakethebt: Photos were taken at Eastwood Lake. I work at the base and live nearby. My wife and I had our first child last summer and have our #2 due next Feb so between long hours at work and our new family addition, I haven't been out on the lake nearly as much as I'd like. With that and now a strong possibility of an overseas assignment 18 months from now, I made a tough decision to start to look for a new home for my PS205 until the timing is right for my next MC purchase.
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