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Originally Posted by NWMike View Post
I just finished a small restoration on my trailer this summer and it is much easier than you think. Major rust is another issue but for surface rust, grinding it down, hit it with a wire wheel and then treat it with Rust Mort (or equivalent) will neutralize the rust. Prep the trailer using an orbital sander with about 180 grit for the chip prone areas and undersides and about 280 for the tops and sides. Wipe it down, I sprayed an etching primer (DP40 PPG) and the next day I used a green scuff pad add some bite and sprayed 2 quarts of single stage GM summit white. Actually used my older siphon feed gun at 40 psi. Fenders I sprayed the same paint and then added chrome metal flake into the first layer of clear and then clear coated the fenders. They look great in the sun.
Looks great!

You prepped/sprayed the trailer with the boat on?

I'm getting ready to replace my bunks with new wood + carpet and plan to do one side at a time, lifting the boat just far enough on one side to remove the bunk boards. Planned on hitting the rust areas while doing it - but based upon your restoration, I might plan on a more in-depth repainting!
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