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the steering cable mount bracket looks pretty rough, wonder why they didnt make these out of aluminum. shouldnt be too tricky to come up with a proper new one.

forgot to get an after pic of the gas cap but I took it apart and polished it up, looks like new, the gasket is kinda chewed up but it cleaned up nice enough.

couldnt wait to get that ugly bottom paint off of the rudder, the whole boat for that matter!! It looks good as new minus a couple nicks.. thanks again to that $4 wire brush drill attachment

had to take off those worn out transom vents, I figured they might look cool polished, well see how they look on the boat in time but for now they look way better than old powder coat!

the tail pipe covers cleaned up okay, the plastic is still a little rough but I think they will buff out to almost new with elbow grease and patience.

Okay so I finally took a look at the carb, at least the air cleaner can be reused but not sure about this thing. when I get time Ill soak it but i would love a second and third opinion on wether its even savable, Ive rejetted motorcycle carbs but never come across something this ugly!
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