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X-2 Garage Door Height?

Helping a buddy buy his next boat.... first thing is first which year x-2 to purchase that will fit? He prefers to not go in with a partner as such older x-2's better but if he has to rebuild a garage door he might just go newer to save the hassel. How new does he have to go?

04 and older x-2/205v:
I know 04 and older x-2/205v with zero flex require 82 and 1/8" at the VERY minimum (best at 83 but 82 1/8 will fit) that means at his current door height of 80in it will NEVER fit.

I don't think this is posted anywhere so hoping someone can help us out.

2005 X-2:
fit in a 80in high garage door?

2006 x2:

fit under an 80in door?

2007 or Newer?
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