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02 LTR randomly dies?

So my 02 LTR has started to randomly die or almost die. The motor will be running fine and then sometimes it will just cut off or sometimes it will hesitate like its going to die for a fraction of a second and then stay running. Initially, I thought it was water in the gas or just bad gas but the mechanic who looked at it felt the gas was OK. The symptoms are worse at low RPMs but it has quit at higher RPMs as well. It typically restarts on the first crank. Occasionally it takes a few cranks. Usually on the restart it hesitates a fair amount at the low RPMs. Its almost like a progression or crescendo. Once it starts hesitating or dying, it will just get worse until the boat has sat for a while and then it will run fine for a little while and then progressively get worse. The mechanic (general marine mechanic with 30+ yrs) hooked up his laptop and said no codes were present. He had a fuel pressure gauge hooked up while it was symptomatic and the pressure didn't drop when it died so he felt the pump was OK. At the time after doing the above and looking over the motor, he felt it was due to faulty crank position sensors. I called him later to talk more about it and he said he talked to someone at Rambo Marine and they agreed it may be a faulty crank position sensor.

I've spent a fair amount of time searching this site for information about these sensors and I've only found them mentioned in threads where the boat wont crank at all. I've gone through all the wires and connectors in the area around the coil packs and CPS and they appear fine. Does this sound reasonable that a CPS could cause such an intermittent problem? Anyone know which car model used these sensors as they are NLA from Indmar. Thanks for any help.
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