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Originally Posted by pmikler View Post
I know your in the tire industry- Will putting the trailer on blocks help get some additional life out of the tires? - Along with covering them of course.
It won't hurt, but realistically, your tires will wear out from exposure to air long before you will ever wear out your tread. Bias ply tires will flat spot but radial tires don't have this tendency.

If you tow your boat any distance, fight the urge to run your trailer tires beyond five seasons. Much better to buy new tires and sell the old tires on craigslist. Trailer tires with tread always sell there regardless of tire age.
Two 14" 5 lug S5 wheels with ST205/75R14 Kenda Loadstar radials $349
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Mounted, balanced and delivered.

PM or email me for tire, wheel or package pricing.
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