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Opinions on this 2007 X Star SS

I have the opportunity to buy a 2007 X Star SS for $5,000.00. It is in need of a lot of work but here are some of the details. Is this a good project to take on?

Hull: No major damage... needs small gel coat fix in 2 places and some slightly visible cracking where the prop shaft comes thru the hull.

Interior: All vinyls will need replaced. Everything else in the boat looks good, all JL speakers work except for the sub, Tower looks good as well.

Electronics: This one worries me but the bilge, radio, running lights work and I am unsure of the ballast but it seems like it is in good shape.

Engine: This boat is not running... obviously with the price. It needs a new engine block (all uppers are g2g) and thermostats with some other small odds and end stuff but the mechanic said it would take about 4-5k to get it on the water. Seller says the block was bored .30 and the pistons were not replaced leading to where this boat is now.
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