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Originally Posted by TxsRiverRat View Post
it seems to me based on what i saw that you really are scared of the wake... it also seems that you are tail riding it pretty bad.

the width is not your issue, that will help you in the long run in a slalom course. The reason you're getting so much speed is that well.. lets pretend you were in a slalom course... it's what we'd calling pulling @ the buoy... The 'work' is supposed to be done behind the boat, from 'white water to white water...' that way when you cross the 2nd wake, you've broken free of the boat.

If you can put more weight on the front of the ski, this puts more of it in the water, slowing the pass down... riding the tail will not allow you to get those sweet turns... putting more weight on the front of the ski will also help get your hips forward... try squeezing your butt cheeks together.

youtube is blocked here at work, so i had to look at your vid on my cell, i cant tell - are you LFF or RFF?
Originally Posted by LisaJ View Post
LFF just like on wakeboard. Do you think that's why my ski bounces (porpoises on me sometimes). I think what I was doing in the video was bending my knee/ankle but not distributing my weight to my front foot. I was very aware that when I started out my front left leg was straight and rigid and I remembered "the stance" in the video drill and was trying to mimic it. And I understand what you saying the work is behind to boat and I should be broke free by the time I cross the second wake.

My next question is, I really use the small triangle area in front of the handle (I stick my ski inside of it when I pull up to hold my ski steady). When I get a new rope, it probably will not have that. Should I put the rope on the left or right side of my ski and will it make it difficult to get up?
I am in no way going to be able to add to this conversation but I agree with Rat, and the one thing I noticed right off the bat, was that the weight was all on the back of the ski and the front was sticking way up (tail riding). Not sure what to tell you to do.

Great progress and keep it up!
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