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it seems to me based on what i saw that you really are scared of the wake... it also seems that you are tail riding it pretty bad.

the width is not your issue, that will help you in the long run in a slalom course. The reason you're getting so much speed is that well.. lets pretend you were in a slalom course... it's what we'd calling pulling @ the buoy... The 'work' is supposed to be done behind the boat, from 'white water to white water...' that way when you cross the 2nd wake, you've broken free of the boat.

If you can put more weight on the front of the ski, this puts more of it in the water, slowing the pass down... riding the tail will not allow you to get those sweet turns... putting more weight on the front of the ski will also help get your hips forward... try squeezing your butt cheeks together.

youtube is blocked here at work, so i had to look at your vid on my cell, i cant tell - are you LFF or RFF?
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