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Beginner's Slalom Video

Okay - you said I had to post a video or it didn't happen.

I dumped the people out of the boat and asked my driver to speed up to ~27 to 28 mph and it helped the wake problem tremendously. My rope however didn't have loops to let me shorten it. I'm rope shopping this week.

I'm a little reluctant to post my "beginners" video because it's going to be like watching paint dry for ya'll. But I watched the drills over and over and tried to apply. As I watched my own video's I'm not certain I'm liking what I see going on as I try to bend my knee and ankle. Something doesn't feel right. I'll let you watch and see what you think. I did test the coast and then lean and power through the wake and decided I'm not quiet confident enough yet. I took off like a dang rocket!!!! I'll try again this coming weekend.

Let the games begin......

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