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Thanks for all the help so far.

Tires are good. Pressure are good. Wheels feel tight. Bearings feel ok. Brakes dont appear to be dragging. It stops fine and I can roll it around my garage by hand.

The one thing I noticed is the right side, bouncy side, the tire is closer to the fender than the left side. Weak spring? I can even see a slight bit of evidence of a rub on the outside tread portion of the tire. At least that is what I think it could be from?

I have looked at the springs. I can not tell any difference. No cracks, etc. They are both a bit rusty as the PO left the trailer out side. The trailer will get a repaint some day, but not yet. I have heard of springs breaking in this year range, so that is where my focus is. Is there any way to check the springs?

Any idea where I can get direct replacement springs?
1996 Prostar 205 LT-1
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