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Originally Posted by Hammer View Post
History. Started skiing after decade off. Was only a 15 off skier then. Got into 22 once in practice. Granted that was 36 mph. 3 years ago joined a local ski club. By the end of the year was running into 22 consistently though I am now at 34 mph. Tore my rotator cuff and only skied 5 sets last year. So far this year couldn't do anything, so bought a new ski to replace my 20+ year old stick. Took a while to get it dialed in. I have progress rapidly since figuring it out. Ran off the dock 6 @ 15, 6 @ 22, 41/2 @28. By the end of the night I managed [email protected] off. Wasn't pretty, previously could only get [email protected] So my goal is the run 32 this season and get into 35. I think it's pretty good for a 240 lbs guy. If I could loose a few pounds I am sure it would help things, but I like to eat.
Nice work!
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