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Just took ownership of a 2013 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X this weekend, which will replace my Honda Pilot as the tow vehicle. The Pilot did fine, although it sometimes felt like it was right at the edge of its towing capacity (which, frankly, it was.) The Xterra is only rated for 500lbs more than the Pilot, but it already feels like a huskier, more capable towing vehicle.

I know I need to get pics posted, after all, that's the name of this thread. I'll get some pics taken this weekend, once the hitch is installed and I have a chance to pull the X-10 a bit.

I did want to share the news of the new purchase however. So far, the Xterra seems quite capable. If there are any other Xterra owners who have experiences to share, that would also be appreciated.
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