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Originally Posted by d2jp View Post
Sound good! That back seat in a Prostar isn't for folks that don't like water
I think there are three places to lubricate the steering. Two on the cable and one on the rudder. IIRC one of the cable fittings is just a port, not a zerk fitting and grease will also escape from this when turned fully one-way (don't remember which way). You might disconnect the rudder and clean/grease it too for good measure.
Good links on steering/rudder:
Note the picture with the grease oozing from the overflow port on the rudder - if you don't have this, yours could be caked with old grease.
With the cable disconnected you might be able to distribute the grease in the steering cable a little better.
Congrats on your work so for - great looking boat!
Thanks for the compliments and the link.. I didn't realize there was a zerk on the rudder.. It did loosen up a bit throughout the weekend but still feels tougher than it should.. Hopefully that'll take care of it.. Either way it didn't get in the way much of having fun all weekend..

On a sidenote, the leaking from the shaft seal def got worse - enough so that if left with the bilge off for a few hours, I'd find about 3-4" of water in the bilge.. The boat has a float switch but no one thought to screw it down so I found it floating in 4" of water this morning... More work to do this week!!
My restoration thread here!!
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