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Originally Posted by Quick View Post
I have a 1991 PS 190 and today when I was coming off the lake I went to pull the plug and noticed transmission fluid mixed with water in the bottom of the engine compartment. It is a 1.52:1 trans and the only thing I have done lately was change the packing. I have put maybe 1.5 hrs on it since then and it was dripping well before I covered it up. Is there a seal or something on the trans that might have let loose or is it time for a rebuild?

Could be a front or rear trans. seal. A leaking hose/fitting. I had one, that leaked right where the fitting is attached to the hose, at the trans cooler. Dry/Clean out your bilge, put newspaper, paper towels under trans, and wait.

Your boat is over 20 years old, a rebuild is not out of the question. I just did mine, about a month ago. It's not that hard.

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