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06 XSTAR w/MCX 350 died while driving

Would appreciate some debug help. Bought this boat in 08 w/50 hrs on it. Great boat, never an 205 hrs. Was out on it yesterday pulling kids wakeboarding and tubing. Headed back in for the evening pulling a tube at 25mph and the engine quit. Never sputtered never ran bad just died. Made me think electrical, kill switch etc.

Checked kill switch thoroughly, all battery connections, fuse panel under instrument panel, inspected wiring in engine compartment, hit the fuel release valve (schraeder valve sp??) which sprayed fuel not have a gauge yet to measure psi though. Nothing obvious.

Not sure what to do. Keep boat on a lift on the lake and no trailer. Would like to troubleshoot before trying to take it somewhere. Any help out there? Thx!
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