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Due to my second shift job, I only have the weekends available to ski, and the last few weekends have been lousy weather (windy/rain). Fortunately, I'll be starting a new job that is first shift on the 29th (super pumped).

Today is the first full Saturday I've had with the old man, so we wanted to get some stuff down around here. He added a couple 2x4's to the base of the captains chair for more height since we still don't have the upholstery back.

We also decided to take a look at the carb, and to our shock, we found a modification done by a previous owner. Below is a pic of an added plate to the throttle cable. They moved the cable mounting position, so the secondary's were only opening about 2/3 of the way. Adjusted that back to stock; free horsepower!

Can't wait to try it out now, which will hopefully be tonight after Red 2 with the guys, otherwise tomorrow morning. The lake we go to is always busy during the day (and usually windy), so we either have to go just after sunrise, or before sunset. We'll be able to go right after work in another week though.....
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