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Originally Posted by Cloaked View Post
Check your exhaust hoses for internal deterioration.

The machine should not be stiff (per se). You may could stand a new steering cabLe or a little shot of grease on the steering rudder (or both). Stiff is unacceptable. Tight and smooth is another story...

Put fresh fluid in the transmission and you'll know for sure it is fresh...
from what I've seen the inside of the exhaust looks new, I should clarify that the steering only feel stiff when I'm traveling at higher speeds, at slow speeds andnot moving it feels fine. made sure to change the transmission fluid before I put her in the water.

Originally Posted by catamount View Post
My '87 had steering like you describe and grease did not solve the problem. A new steering cable made it handle like a dream though. Save it for the fall, enjoy the boat while it's in the water! Glad you've got it running.
thanks, I guess I'll be adding a cable to the list for this winter.
My restoration thread here!!
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