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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
10 degrees BTDC.
Thx for all the help with the engine questions James!

Picked her up day before yesterday an heard it run for the first time.. Here's a quick vid:

They ran into a couple minor issues but were able to resolve and now there's a small list of things I'll need to take care of.. The alternator is toast so I'll be getting a new one in the next week or 2, and there's a very small amount of smoke/steam coming from the starboard side head/exhaust manifold.. I've read that's not unusual for a rebuilt during break-in but I'll be re-torqueing and keeping an eye on that..

Here's how she's sitting now:

I put her in yesterday afternoon and ran her at about 1000rpm for 2 hours docked before getting up the nerve to take her around the lake.. The tranny seems to be working great which was a huge relief as I had no way of testing prior.. I did notice the shaft is dripping more than I believe it should.. (between 3-5 drips/second) No big surprise there, knew it was going to have to be done.. At the end of the night after 3-4 hours of total run time I took her around the lake for a couple more laps but never saw more than 2000rpms.. My plan is to continue today just letting her run easy for the most part and by tomorrow I should be able to open it up a bit more..
I've got to say, I've only ever driven I/O so partly I'm not sure how things are supposed to feel but it all seems very stiff compared to my Sea Ray.. The first 1/4 throttle seems very easy and fluid but it feels like it hits a point where you really have to push to get into.. Not sure if that's normal.. The steering had much more resistance in turns than I expected also.. I've greased all the cable for both.. Maybe it all just needs to work the cobwebs out.. The neighbor owns a Malibu Response wants to take it for a spin today and give me his take on it, he said my description sounds about right for what he's used to though..
I'll take a longer vid today and post it..

Thanks for all the help and encouragement everyone's offered up so far!!
My restoration thread here!!

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