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Originally Posted by 88-190 View Post
That is not good, sorry to hear it. I've enjoyed reading your progress. I'm thinking of pulling my tranny to fix a leak as well instead of paying someone to do it. I don't have a chain hoist, is there a "relatively" easy way to do it without? I don't want to get things disassembled and find myself in over my head.

I actually don't have a leak anymore, apparently the seals can swell or expand and stop leaking once they reach operating temp. I've run the boat again 2 times for a couple hours each time and have no leaking. The seal replacement is really easy. It's hard to get in over your head if you are at all handy and take your time. It's like 6 bolts holding the transmission to the bell housing. You won't really need a chain hoist, although it may be the cheapest option. you'd be able to hold the motor up with an engine hoist while you pull the tranny. Then you remove 4 bolts holding the pump housing in place making note if the direction of the arrow, hammer out old seal, put in a new one and put everything back together.

You might wanna consider replacing other components too like clutch plates if you're pulling tranny anyway. If everything runs fine, then I wouldn't touch it.

Good luck !
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