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Originally Posted by MikeyOrange88 View Post
You're obviously past the drilling out the heads point, but man, I'd never even attempt one hole in cast iron, much less both heads worth. Mine were done by a machine shop and I still had a time getting the bolts all started by hand. Seemed like the last one just wouldn't start, even though visually it looked perfectly aligned. Did you end up drilling them all out or did you surrender to a machine shop?
It was terrible and in hind sight made no sense to tackle on my own.. Forget about the time and frustration but after 6 hours and 4 trips to different stores to buy more bits, I probably spent double what a shop would've charged.. They're done now at least and so far all looks good..

Originally Posted by MikeyOrange88 View Post
Didn't see it mentioned in the thread how/where heads were acquired, but the 'freeze' plugs on the ends of the heads did get replaced with brass ones, right? I'd defer to some of the 'engine nuts' as to whether the threaded plugs (in photo between the valve springs) should be brass or not, although the original ones on my heads were.
I got the heads locally off craigslist freshly rebuilt.. Changing the plugs out is on my ever-growing list of to-dos for this fall/winter when I'm not so rushed..
My restoration thread here!!
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