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Originally Posted by XavierSPL View Post
Underway now trying to get everything back together, actually running into a lot of headaches trying to drill out the heads.. I'm literally eating up stepper drill bits before they get through 1 hole!! I bought a titanium from sears that works but can't fit in my drill extension so I then went to home depot and got a junk one that didn't last 1 hole, then went to harbor freight and found some titanium plated that also didn't last 1 hole each.
You're obviously past the drilling out the heads point, but man, I'd never even attempt one hole in cast iron, much less both heads worth. Mine were done by a machine shop and I still had a time getting the bolts all started by hand. Seemed like the last one just wouldn't start, even though visually it looked perfectly aligned. Did you end up drilling them all out or did you surrender to a machine shop?
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