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Originally Posted by LisaJ View Post
That's what I'm trying to figure I need to buy myself a smaller ski boat to get this accomplished. I don't want to exhaust myself trying to make this work if it will NEVER work. And yes, I know I need to lighten the load. Everybody is always so excited to jump in and go.
As said by others, ditch all the weight you can. I'd shoot for 28-30 mph not knowing your weight or strength. With that many people in the boat, even on edge I would think you are not being nice to your knees. I am still a beginner but won't ski with more than three in the boat. Not fun.

A trim tab may help the boat / wake. However, if you get serious and want to "attack the wake with a vengeance" as we used to say, a direct drive (not 209) would be great, as I mentioned in your other thread.

Take up whoever offered you a pull on the direct drive. Always.

I've hurt myself a lot worse / rung my bell more often on a wakeboard than a ski. Although w2w 180's is about as far as I went. Nothing like a face plant at 21mph to blind you for 60 seconds....
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