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Taking the PP plunge...Z-Box worth it?

Beautiful day here in NC, rain-free for the first time in a week...and I can't find anyone with boat experience to go out with me. Wife is nervous about driving, and I don't blame her. Drive straight, avoid wallys, maintain throttle, etc...all while watching a 15-month old who loves to run around the boat!

Going to bite the bullet and get PerfectPass Stargazer 3-Event. It's one less variable she has to worry about, and then I won't have to rely on my dad or brother always being around to drive me for a few sets. Sadly it can't be here today!

Question...the Z-Box is cheaper to buy when you get the system for the first time (about half the normal cost). Is it worth it? I plan to ski in local tournaments (probably just INT or USAWaterski Grassroots) but I don't now. Just wondering if it is worth it for resale value, training, better pull, etc...

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