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MC Ski boats with great wakes:


1. Your speed: I think you need to keep the speed down to where you have it now in order to work on form... Speeding the boat will cause you to form bad habits... You have to be able to generate the speed across the wakes with your body and not let the boat do it for you.

2. Rope: Stay with 15' off - shortening the rope will only slow your learning process. You have to (have to have to) learn to generate the speed and proper on edge form via the longer line and slower speed. You can not learn to ski a slalom course at 28' off - believe me I TRIED

2. Generating the speed with your body means you’re going to have to do the following:
. a. Get wider on the boat....
. b. Keep the ski on edge across BOTH wakes

3. 6-10 people on the boat at all times and on a big boat? Holy cArp... Get rid of the dead weight, go with 3 people max.

4. Lastly, you should be able to tell that you have a good (confident side) and an off (omg i’m going to wipe out) side. On the offside pull, make sure you are looking at the pylon the whole way across the wake. That will open your shoulders, put the ski on edge and you wont see the wake coming to be scared of it.

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