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OMG-The Wake is Intimidating Me

Now, ya'll try to remember that I SAID I was new to Slalom. And I started wakeboarding last year when I bought my Maristar 215 (which I love). As I'm starting to get more confident on my new ski and trying to work both sides of the boat, I'm very intimidated to stay in good form and power through the wake. After all, I'm trying to give up wakeboarding because of some nasty falls with head injuries jumping W2W. Now, I'm going airborne on a narrow ski in lieu of a nice WIDE wakeboard.

My boat driver has made all attempts to smooth the wake out as much as possible but at the speed I'm going, 24 mph, and always 6-10 people in the boat, the wake is STILL ~ 2 1/2'.

Do you think if I suck it up and try to go faster that it will be "do-able" for me? Or will it be a lost cause with this particular boat. I just didn't think I was quiet ready to be running 30 mph when I'm just learning.

What Mastercraft is THE Ski boat of choice?

I LOVE my Mastercraft! - It's Never Too Late!
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