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Swimsuit blead onto Vinyl

We were out yesterday with friends and i started noticing little grey drips on the seats. I thought it was on of the kids Gatorade. Then our friend stood up and the seat was black where she was sitting. It seemed like her black swimsuit was bleeding. We tried wiping it with water right away but it did nothing. When we got home we used the Totally Awsome and 303 cleaner. Neither helped at all. We reluctantly tried Magic Eraser in some small areas. It seemed to lighten it a little bit but nowhere near enough to calm our MCOCD. I've heard the Magic Erasers can damage the seats because of their abbarasive makeup.

I've read a few threads on here that said letting is sit out in the sun will help. Were trying that right now. Anyone else run into this and have suggestions?

Here's a picture. In my eyes the actual looks worse than the picture. I tried to get a picture of the drip marks but they didn't come out.

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