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Originally Posted by XavierSPL View Post
Underway now trying to get everything back together, actually running into a lot of headaches trying to drill out the heads.. I'm literally eating up stepper drill bits before they get through 1 hole!! I bought a titanium from sears that works but can't fit in my drill extension so I then went to home depot and got a junk one that didn't last 1 hole, then went to harbor freight and found some titanium plated that also didn't last 1 hole each..
Put some questions out in the engine forum, hopefully can get some clarification soon. Off to the ford dealership now to get an oil filter adaptor fitting as the old one was seized into the old block and off to hunt down a stepper drill bit that will finish off the last 8 holes that need to be drilled out...
Machine shop, drill press, and cutting oil. Let a professional service do the job.

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..Some of you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "another @sshole with a Mastercraft."

RE: Thrall, Welcome to the club....

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