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Originally Posted by Astepatatime View Post
The floaty back door is kind of pain because it limits the range of motion on the mount, due to it being so thick. Plus as some have said, depending on what mounts you're using, it may not do the job.

Just ordered my second Hero3 after one became an anchor. This time I'll tether. Saw an idea for a really simple one: Use fishing leader lines with the snaps already on them. Connect around the hinge to the door and whatever anchor you need (will be a strap on my PFD for me).
Careful with the floatie particularly for wakeboarding - don't assume it is foolproof and go without secondary protection of a leash. I've had my floatie ripped off its sticky mount on a couple occasions during wakeboard speed crashes. Luckily for me I also had the camera tethered to something. I would only use the floatie as the sole source of security if I were doing low speed stuff. The only times now I go without a leash is if we are just swimming. The same idea goes for helmet and other mounts. I've broken a couple mounts during crashes. Always make sure you are protected at least two ways because none of these mounts are to be trusted. They all break.
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