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Originally Posted by charrison327 View Post
i've never done it either but really want to. i consider myself kind of a beginner i guess even though i've been doing so for probably 15 years. i've never had any kind of training or instructions. so i'm going to have a lot of faults and bad habits to break. i'm planning on going to coble's next year or maybe a weekend this fall. i actually emailed them last night.

JMLVMI, i see you are from NC......where did you run your course at??
We have a small "ski club" (it's been 2 or 3 of us) that meets at Harris Lake once a week, and there is a submerged course on the lake. The line is anchored and we have to install and remove all of the balls every time we want to run it since we can't leave it. We are all novice skiiers (nobody can run a full pass that I know of)...looking to grow the "team" if you're interested. PM me and I'll add you to our email list.

I am going to Coble on September 7th for a one-day lesson. They may be full for the season but I know they do their best to work people in.
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