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Originally Posted by DryHop View Post
Suction cup near the back corner works well for surfing. I just attach a lanyard between the camera and a cleat in case it gets sheared of by a rope. I think there are lots of gopro videos on youtube showing different options. Here is an example:
Also, a little rain-x on the Gopro lens helps keep water drops off.
This is the exact spot I was thinking of.

Originally Posted by jakethebt View Post
Just be a bit careful with the suction cup mount. Be sure to buy the float back door and make sure it foats the entire camera including the suction cup mount. There was someone on here that went to a lot of trouble to get the perfect suction cup mount location only to have the rope knock it off the boat. Some where, some lake, there is a GoPro at the bottom. Do a search on here and I am sure you will find the thread.
I'm planning to buy the suction cup mount and use a tether of some sort. GoPro's website states that the floaty back door doesn't float the suction cup mount. Regardless, I'm going to use the floaty back door and a tether for insurance.
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