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Originally Posted by chrislandy View Post
I had this problem last month, the check engine light should come one when you turn the ignition on, just like your car, then go off when started.

Mine never came on as in never for the last 10/12 yrs I've had it, it turns out it was never connected!

There was a stray wire (brown-purple I think) in at the rear of the engine not connected to anything. Plus there is a white 2 pin connector floating around in the same region which on mine had both bungs in the socket side i.e. blanking it off. I compared it to a 97 ProStar with the same engine and that spare wire was connected to the plug. I did a few checks with a multi-meter and a test light then plugged the wire into the matching pin and like magic the check light works - finally got some fault codes out of it

Thanks for the info. Will look around more next weekend.
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