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thanks for helping with the info. I haven't seen a new or used impeller. The reason I joined here and posted the question is to learn from what the people on here can share.

I bought the boat from a long time neighbor and at 39 years old I'm on my 39th year on the same lake. I also have a Boston Whaler with a Mercury outboard, having grown up on the lake I've been boating for all my life.

I have the Owner's Manual from Mastercraft and is't very helpful in directing me back to the local dealer. I'm more of a hands on guy and I'm trying to learn about this stuff myself. Is there a service manual available for these boats? I'd rather purchase that and do the work myself then rely on a dealer's service department who isn't emotionally or financially invested into my boat. I would consider myself knowledgable on engines too....

Now, I assume you are referring to the water pump impeller. I can pull that and take a look at it's condition but before I do that I'd like to pull the code that's tripping the light and see why it's doing so.
Mastercraft doesn't make it easy to call them for tech support.....will a pre-OBDI code reader pull the generic codes or do I need to mimic a GM product (i.e.- a 1999 corvette)?
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