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Originally Posted by alfie623 View Post
Hello all,

This is my first post here, I'm a new owner to a 1999 Maristar with an LT1.

I've had the bought about two weeks now and Ive noticed the check engine light will come on when I hold WOT too long (while not exceeding 5,000 rpm's), or if I turn real sharp in the water at cruising speed. It seems to happen right after I hear what sounds to be the engine cavitating. Everything on the boat appears to be factory original so I'm wondering why I'm getting the cavitation.

When the light comes on, if I shut the boat down and turn the ignition off and back on the light will stay off until the next occurrence of heavy throttle or a sharp turn. I certainly don't need to drive this aggressively but I would like to know the cause of the check engine light and see if it's something I need to tend to.

Any thought??
Check your impeller and oil cooler.
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