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Originally Posted by thamax View Post
So what kind performance are you getting so far? I know there is still tuning and changes you will make. How gals per hour? does it cruise at 50 mph or 40?

So far we are running the same prop our 8.1 had. The top speed with it at 5k rpm was around 37mph. We did change the V-dirve from a 1.5 to 1 to a 1.29 to 1 ratio for the conversion. With the Duramax we are running a WOT of 3200 rpm and getting a top speed of 34 mph. The results early on are impressive and show much potential. We have sourced a different prop with a lot more pitch from a friend and will be testing it this weekend. Correct prop and tuning should make a substantial improvement all over the rpm range. We are anxiously waiting for Eric from O.J props to get back from vacation. He has been nice enough to offer his expertise and get us some props to test. We will also be adding about 50hp to the current tune of 360hp very soon
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