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cracked interior 2004 x2

Yea I have the same issue with my 04 x2 same old story bought it new got, cracked right away. Got it partially warrantied only for that to crack out as well. Tried to buy replacement interior last year and they said no longer available for an 04. I am not sure why I wanted to replace it would just crack again? This year I found an 04 for sale with 2011 x1 interior for sale and thought my prayer has been answered. I will just order 2011 interior for an x1 since it is the same size. Mastercraft must really hate 2004 x2 owners and just want us to go away because they said no they will not sell me interior from a 2011 either. What a disappointment, I did more research and this owner was able to get them to sell it too him since he was buying a new boat. Not something they want to do for old cracked customer. I guess MC is thinking I'm not important enough unless maybe I buy a new one then they might consider? I cant think of a more disappointing way to treat a customer? a customer that has really tried to be loyal.
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