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Got tired of waiting on the local parts store's warehouse to have a leakdown tester come in. Ordered one from Summit and it came in today. Anxious to see if blow by is the root of my problem. Will report back after running leak down test.

Also, a few replies back someone mentioned an over filled crankcase causing excessive pressure. I filled with oil until it was dead on the full mark on the dipstick (after running). This was about 5.5 quarts with the filter change. I looked in the owner's manual but did not see an oil capacity listed. I would not think this was overfilled and causing my problem, but how many quarts does it take usually for other's oil changes?

Also, replaced the right exhaust manifold gasket (small leak) and valve cover gasket in the meantime....I checked and did not notice any blockage in the manifold though (steam issue Mike referred to).
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