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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
I have a question.....when you go to sell that boat......can we come and watch?
if 9 out of 10 people hate it then 1 out of 10 will have to have it, and there wont be 20 other boats just like it for sale I guarantee you that. Looking on boat trader and staring at the sea of white gel-coat over white vinyl gets dizzying after a few minutes. If you don't have something unique price is all that matters.

There is an *** for every seat, the boat looks great on the water and has pretty much every option MC would put on it, if I get $moked on it when im done with it then so be it, wrap it and move on. The payoff is $0

jimmies got plenty of hate on his absurd x-80s and sold them both for all the coin as soon as they hit the market, I would have bought the orange and blue if id seen it in time.
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