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Trailer bouncing on right side

This past Saturday my brother was following me home from the lake. He said that my right side of my trailer was bouncing a lot more than the left side. I had noticed it before from the truck, but was never concerned enough to investigate. From behind, he said the difference was pretty drastic. Single axle trailer. We looked at the springs, but could not find any obvious defects. I have heard of the mid-90s trailer leafs breaking before, dropping the fender down on the tire.

Any ideas? Is the bouncing right side about to go? Is the left side already broken and should be where I am focusing my attention?

One note, I put new trailer tires on last spring before driving it home after purchase. Maxxis tires. Same on both sides and I check tire pressure often and it is usually the same side to side and the tires don’t seem to leak over time. There are no obvious differences in the tires.
1996 Prostar 205 LT-1
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