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Originally Posted by clrussell View Post
Well today didnt go much better.. I couldn't get in the groove, I couldn't even jump wake to wake today. Plyon speakers weren't working and that really brought my vibe down.. I had the best set right before I left for the day. If I had rode as relaxed and as well as the last set I would have been able to do alot better all day.
Kind of how it went for me today as well. Although I was getting wake-2-wake, i was not getting the pop I was getting last week. I had the gopro (will not share cause it was ugly!) and when I looked at the video I could see all. I was not keeping the loaded (tension) when going up the wake; I was turning too hard/fast initially. I was not extending enough and at that far too late. Some days are like that, a step back and next time hopefully two steps forward...
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