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Hi all,

Been off the forum for a few years after selling my 1996 PS 205. I'm now back in the market for another MC, but only have about $20k to spend.

I still like to ski, but the kids (9 and 12) are more interested in boarding or surfing. We are also going out with more poeople these days so need something bigger than the 205.

There are 2 Maristars about 6 hours from me and i'm looking for your opinions. They are both 1998, one is a VRS 200 with 5.7L Vortec and a Tower, the other is a VRS 225 with the Corvette engine and no tower. They both have about 400 hrs on them and they are going for about the same price $19.5k Canadian.

I can gather from what I have been reading that the wake will not compare in any way to my PS 205 for skiing. I'm willing to give up some ski-ability in order to get a better rounded boat for the family. If i'm skiing 34 with some rope off how would you describe the wake on either of these? I'm also 41 now so i'm not doing the course anymore, just looking for a nice ski on glass waters

Also, i know i can add balast bag to improve the surfing etc., any wake plate etc., that i can consider to improve the ski wake?

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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