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Originally Posted by orbeamlb View Post
Pick up one of the floatation backs for the housing. Ours will float even when attached to the head strap.
I've considered those for a while... I guess I just haven't bought one yet because they're just as big and ugly as the camera itself. Maybe I'll pick one up here if I don't like the lanyard idea.

Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
wow... sorry to read about the virus... losing a bunch of body mass that was is no fun... good you recovered...and got on the water.
Thanks, it was really weird because I rarely get sick, and if I do it usually lasts about a day or so. I tried mountain biking a few weeks ago and felt like I had never gotten exercise in my life before, lol. Anyway, today is a beautiful day, and my parents want to hit up the lake this evening after they get back from dropping off the kiddies at camp.
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