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Originally Posted by supturb89 View Post

Thanks for the info on the engine coolant sensor. Changed it out today and the boat great with no black smoke. I didn't even have to wipe around the swim platform after pulling it out of the water!


Before installing the sensor I tried the paperclip trick but my check engine light didn't flash anything at all, not even the code 12? I'm guessing that the light is not even hooked up for some reason. I have a "check engine" and "transmission temp" light on my dash. Are these supposed to light up at any time during start-up like in a car?

Thanks again gentlemen.

Glad you got it fixed. Did you have the ignition key turned to the right when you tried it?

On my '94 I don't have a check engine light but there is another method to see the flashing. You take an led light (small trailer light or something like that) and you put the ends into, I want to say, terminals E and F. Those give the power for the led light. You don't want to screw up the terminals so I'd double check that somehow first. It can be a little tricky holding the paper clip and the led light at the same time.
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